Slim It Wrap

Additional Info:

Slim It Body Wrap Red Fuzion Designed by bio-engineering experts. Clothes set sauna slimming and fat burner Red Slim It was designed to resemble a special blanket for salon and spa. The heat is very effective and very good slimming results. The exterior is coated materials such as red skin. Interior materials are coated with nylon coated with polyurethane waterproof material. Easy to clean. Monitor digital controls for easy set up three levels of heat. Heat low, medium, and high heat. Slim it has an alarm that tells us that slimming treatment session has been completed. Slim it is a fixture Red Fuzion body slimming and weight loss are the most widely used by the spa, salon, and a well-known beauty center.

Benefits Of Infrared Heat:

• Successfully used to aid weight control
• Increases metabolism
• Reduces cellulite dimpling
• Tones & tightens skin (inch loss)
• Increases blood flow
• Reduces hypertension (high blood pressure)
• Flushes toxins from the lymph areas
• Reduces the acidity in our bodies (a more alkaline body is healthier)
• Improves the immune system
• Reduces pain associated with all type of arthritis
• Relives muscle spasm
• Reduces joint stiffness
• Reduces sinus congestion
• Reduces migraine pressures
• Reduces inflammatory skin conditions, like psoriasis